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Examples of Lawyers

There are two major categories for the jobs that are available to the people in the world today. One is what you would call the blue collar job. Those who have this job do not need to have a college degree in order to get it and they usually use their hands in this line of work. The second kind is the white collar job. Such jobs are usually held by people who are working in the different offices in the many tall buildings out there. For them to have been able to get these jobs they should have at least a degree from college or university.

The lawyer is one type of a white collar job. This white collar professional studied and became an expert in law. Just like in medicine you would find that there are different fields in law that is why there are different types of lawyers. You can read on to find more examples of lawyers in the paragraphs below.

The divorce lawyer is one example of a lawyer. Those who ended their marriage and want to geta divorce get this type of lawyer to help them sort out the legalities of their divorce. This is because there is a high rate of divorce in the country. This is something that is saddening but they decide to move on by hiring a divorce lawyer. Some of the notable things that the divorce lawyer works on is the splitting of the assets and the agreement too on child custody.

The corporate lawyer is another example of a lawyer. There are many companies who would be found to have this kind of lawyer as part of their employees. Lawyers of this type usually command a big salary for the work that they do for the company.

The compensation lawyer is another type of attorney. This is the lawyer that is adept at compensation of workers. Union workers who are asking for a raise and some benefits are often represented by this type of lawyer. When it comes to compensation law this may vary according to places. If the compensation lawyer is living in North Carolina, then he or she is knowledgeable about North Carolina workers compensation law.

The personal injury lawyer is also an example of lawyer with a different specialization. This lawyer is knowledgeable about personal injury law. This the lawyer that represents the persons that want to claim for damages that they obtained because of someone else’s fault.

Another kind of lawyer that you will find is the criminal lawyer. This type of lawyer can represent a person who has been brought to court because of a crime. This lawyer can also represent someone who is a victim of a crime.

You would also be able to see that the lawyers in Jacksonville NC also have different fields of expertise when it comes to the field of law that they practice. The people there get the lawyer that is specific to their case. The longer a lawyer practices the higher the professional fee he or she may charge.

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